About SangamVesh 

Combining a melodious hue of Sangam and Vesh, SangamVesh with its quirky designs is ready to inspire the hearts of all fashionistas. SangamVesh is a lifestyle and quirky art fashion brand. The idea behind bringing this brand into picture is to show the amalgamation of Sangam and Vesh; the beautiful fusion of the two creates something unimaginable which we celebrate in the form of color, music, and energy.

Sangam is a Sanskrit word. It is a confluence of different souls at one place.

Vesh is what we are;it’s our appearance, our own shadow which we carry all around.

SangamVesh, as the name suggests, is an idea to blend multiple thoughts and souls and innovate a new form to experience something extraordinary. The 21st century is a world of fashion. Combining sleek sophistication with individualistic luxury, the brand comes up with something new everytime to shine in every runway look.

Inspired by the harmonious sangam of natural elements; like the concoction of soil, water, and sun create a big tree, your magnificent vesh which you carry with you appears pleasing to eyes. In the same way, the brand aims to blend good & evil, old & new, and something futuristic to create an eponymous luxury label.

SangamVesh is a latest fad and is emerging with customized illustrated garments for both fashionable sexes. The first collection is a sangam of technology and saints in Kumbh. The tradition will continue and every year, the brand will come up with a sangam of different genres. Ranging from crop top, stud dress, jackets, baby doll dress, skirt, vest, bustier, shift dress to sling dress; SamgamVesh has everything for all.

‘The way you dress is the way you feel’- this is what the aim of SangamVesh.

About our first collection - Evolution 

Inspired by the boom of Technology and era of Fashion, Sangam Vesh is set to take flight with its first quirky yet gothic theme; Technology and Saints of Kumbh. The Saints of Kumbh, giving up their lives to live in the heaven of devotion and meditation, in their journey to find eternal peace and Nirvana, lose their physical attributes and basic functioning, with no alternative to heal. To fill in this gap, technology plays a pivotal role, in healing the untouched and uncured wounds.  The placement of technology in the hands of Saints of Kumbh, let’s celebrate this enchanting Sangam of technology, saints and healing with Sangam Vesh this year with gamut of outfits to outline your inner Fashionista.